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NNDHP at a Glance


Northern Nevada Dental Health ProgramsNNDHP is the largest organization in Nevada providing dental care to uninsured, at-risk children. And we’re the largest organization providing dental care to low-income veterans who don’t qualify at the VA. See how we grew from a modest group of concerned doctors to becoming a model for other communities.

The Pediatric Dental Care Program was started by a group of dentists including Dr. Norm Beesley, Dr. Larry Champagne, Dr. Dennis Arch and Ms. Kathy (Champagne) Peak. They collaborated with the Northern Nevada Dental Society (NNDS) to provide dental care to at-risk youths in the Reno area.

As the program grew it was renamed to the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program (NNDHP).

NNDHP joins resources with Saint Mary’s Mission Services to serve more of Northern Nevada’s at-risk children.

NNDHP merged with Community Health Alliance (CHA) [formerly HAWC] who provides administrative support for our two dental programs. Thus providing even more program growth and long-term sustainability.

Adopt a Vet Dental Program (AAVD) merges with NNDHP. Together, we can serve more low-income veterans in need.

NNDHP becomes Northern Nevada Health Programs. And serves as the overarching administrator for the children’s and veterans’ programs. The children’s program is renamed to Healthy Smile Healthy Child.

NNDHP-supportersHonored NNDHP Supporters

Each year, NNDHP/Joel F. Glover DDS Charity Golf Tournament generously donates tournament proceeds to support NNDHP. Thanks to their loyal support, and donations from other individual donors, NNDHP continues to grow each year.

Because of your kindness, we can help more at-risk children and low-income veterans regain healthier smiles and healthier lives. Thank you!



Adopt a Vet Dental Program – AAVD

In 2009, Linda Haigh volunteered at the Carville Park Apartments, a subsidized housing unit in Reno. During her visit, she found 60 veterans living with life-threatening oral decay. Knowing they had no family or other support, Linda and her husband Wayne tirelessly recruited local dentists to provide pro bono dental care to these veterans.

As they uncovered our community’s huge need, the Haighs founded AAVD in 2010. It began as the veterans’ outreach program of South Reno Baptist Church, where they attend. Soon after, AAVD became an independent nonprofit in order to serve more low-income veterans and to raise funds for their lab costs and emergency dental procedures.

Since the program began in 2010

  • $3.4 million in donated services
  • 110 volunteer dentists
  • 13 dental labs provide free or discounted services
  • 900 local veterans have received care

Adopt a Vet Dental Program

Join Other Area Dentists in Serving our Vets*

The waitlist for care grows daily. Currently, veterans must wait up to 2 years before their first visit. Please join other dentists and specialists in volunteering your greatly-needed skills.
Thank you!

Become a dental volunteer today.

*Volunteer time qualifies for CEU credits.


Healthy Smile Healthy Child – HSHC

This program began in 1982 as the Pediatric Dental Care Program. It began when Dr. Norm Beesley and several of his colleagues wanted to provide Reno’s low-income children greater access to dental care.

As the program grew, it joined forces with other local organizations providing dental or medical care. By sharing resources and collaborating efforts, we served thousands more children. As our program grew, our name changed and our services grew. Our current name, Healthy Smile Healthy Child, reflects who we serve. And the greater impact of why we do it.

Healthy Smile Healthy Child

  • Donated nearly $3 million in dental services since 2008
  • 115 dental volunteers
  • 3,297 children have received care

healthy smile healthy child

Join Other Area Dentists in Helping Our Children*

Currently, children wait up to 4 months before their first dental visit. And our waitlist continues growing weekly. Please join other local dentists by volunteering your services. Thank you!

Become a dental volunteer today.

*Volunteer time qualifies for CEU credits.


Advisory Board of Directors

Gregory J. Pisani, DDS – President
David Russell, Esq. – Vice President
Bob Barone – Treasurer
Gilbert A. Trujillo, DDS – Secretary
Arnie Pitts, DDS
Thomas Myatt, DDS
Kathy (Champagne) Peak
Ed Allison, (Emeritus)
Joel F. Glover, DDS (In Memoriam)

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