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William Krall

Hello, I am William Krall and on behalf of my family and myself… Thank you to Northern Nevada Dental Health Programs, and all the doctors that participate in the programs: Dr. Logan Smith, Dr. Scott Boyden and Champagne Family Dentistry for all they did to make a difference in a painful moment in my life.

On Thursday, January 30, 2014 I woke up with a lot of pain.  My mom called the school to report my absence and she was asked by the school nurse to call Northern Nevada Dental Health Programs for help. Instead of spending all day at the ER and a week or more out of school, NNDHP with the cooperation of Dr. Logan Smith, saw me REAL fast. Dr. Logan saw right away after the exam that a molar needed to be PULLED immediately. It had caused a LARGE abscess under and around my left cheek and eye.

As I left Dr. Logan’s office NNDHP reached out to Dr. Scott Boyden to help. His office replied very quickly and Dr. Boyden could see me right away and got my tooth OUT!

I realize that the quick actions of everyone involved are not normal, yet greatly appreciated. To our great relief NNDHP located help for us financially for the medicine needed as well. After the weekend I was ready to go back to school and learn, with only a two days absent and minimal loss of time in class. High school is too important to miss. The following Friday NNDHP called my mom and asked her to get me to Champagne Family Dentistry on Saturday, February 8 for fillings, treatment and cleaning. Due to Champagne’s schedule an opportunity was available and they also treated another filling on the lower part of my jaw and applied sealants to my teeth after a good cleaning. They were VERY nice.

I am happy to be smiling again and pain free. Thank you to NNDHP and all who make this program possible. I learned a lot about volunteering through my family but this is the first time I realized how important programs like this are to the community. Your generosity and help make a very large impact on children and families from all walks of life at a critical stage in education and development.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your help and continued support of NNDHP and other groups like this.


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