Sealant Program

Creating a Cavity-Free Washoe County.


8 out of 10 Nevada children suffer from untreated tooth decay. We want to change that.


Did you know sealants on permanent molars reduce the risk of cavities by 80%? – WOW!

Healthy Smile Healthy Child Sealant Program

Click here to watch our video and learn more about the Sealant Program!

The Healthy Smile Healthy Child Sealant Program offers FREE preventive dental care and oral health education to students at a variety of Title 1 Washoe County Elementary, Middle and High Schools to help children maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Free Services Include:

  • Dental screening
  • Fluoride application
  • Nutrition education
  • Oral hygiene education
  • Sealants

A dental health professional checks the student’s teeth and applies dental sealants and fluoride as a preventive measure to ward off tooth decay and cavities. They will also provide instruction about diet and oral hygiene.

*This service does not include a complete dental examination, x-rays, or cleaning. Children who require emergency or restorative care will be referred to the HSHC Program where they will be screened, and if qualify, be paired with an HSHC Volunteer Dental Provider to receive no-cost to low-cost treatment.   

Who qualifies for the Healthy Smile Healthy Child Sealant Program?

Any student attending a Washoe County School participating in the Healthy Smile Healthy Child Sealant Program and whose parent/guardian has signed a Consent for Treatment form for them to receive care.

Which Washoe County Schools participate in the Healthy Smile Healthy Child Sealant Program?

See a list of participating schools here.

What if my child’s school is not listed as a participant of the Healthy Smile Healthy Child Sealant Program?

If you don’t see your child’s school on the list above, please call your child’s school’s principal and clinical aide and express your desire for them to participate in the program. They can call HSHC at 775-982-7989 for more information and to sign up as a participating school. HSHC’s goal is to get as many schools as possible to participate in the program.

How do I register my child to receive care from the Healthy Smile Healthy Child Sealant Program?

To register your child for this program, please contact their school’s front office staff or clinical aide. You can also download the Consent for Treatment form here, fill out and sign it, and give it to the front office staff.

For more information, call Healthy Smile Healthy Child at 775-982-7989.

Dental Health for ChildrenWe Make a Real Difference for Children – See How

HSHC not only helps children regain their dental health, we make a real difference in their lives.

See what the children say.
Click below.


A child’s overall health starts in their mouth

Oral health affects the whole body’s health. Because as bacteria grows, it weakens the immune system. This can worsen existing health issues and increase risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and even cancer.

Tooth decay often makes eating painful

As children eat less, their bodies don’t get the nutrients needed to fight off their growing bacteria load. In time, this can lead to chronic diseases.


6 ways oral health decay affects a child’s health

  1. Impacts their growth and development
  2. Affects their ability to focus and learn in school
  3. Increases their frequency of catching colds and flu
  4. Lowers their self-esteem and confidence
  5. Raises their risk of developing other diseases
  6. Worsens existing health conditions like allergies, asthma,  diabetes, etc.


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